O nas

few years in Dmb & b, Lowe GGK. Advertising school, school of life. Large cool campaigns – introduction of ERY GSM to the market and continued to Lasica. This is the beginning of cooperation with Mercedes.
At first, the name of the association was psychological. Id, ego, superego.
Id this basic cell, what has every one of us somewhere very deep in itself.Id is the most primitive and lies deepest in the psyche. It motivates us to act. It contains impulses (aggressive and sexual), which are the biological motive of our behavior.
Then there was advertising and advertising, and so it was. It is not difficult to notice that the domain ID was busy. Hence the fun of letters and www.aIDi.pl. That’s the kind of writing.
And so it went – say from 2000.
Some people have moved. He is still in touch with them that sometimes they will sometimes write something.
Because this agency is made up of people.

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